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Tips on Golfing at Night

Golf is a fun sport that is enjoyed by millions. It is also a sport that is historically played during warm daytime weather conditions. People are starting to put a new twist on the sport, however, by playing it at night on a lighted course. To make the experience as fun and as safe as possible, follow these helpful tips on golfing at night.

Adequate lighting on the course

Make sure you pick a course that is adequately lit at night. Finding a course that is lit with floodlights will be cheaper to play than a course lit by other means. Always bring a flashlight. The flashlight will help you see the course as you walk and help you find your golf clubs in the dark. Also, make sure the golf cart you are driving has headlights. You can use the golf cart to light the course in front of you.

Luminescent accessories

Being able to see the course is one thing to think about when playing night golf, but keep in mind that you also need to see your accessories. Luminescent golf balls are a relatively new product that have golfers abuzz. These balls are made with a substance that makes them glow in the dark, making them visible at long distances. Also, add reflectors to your golf clubs. The stickers are not expensive and will make locating the correct easier.

Wearing the right clothing

Wear the right clothing. Wearing clothing that is dark will not make you easily visible. Try to find comfortable outdoor clothing that is reflective. Adding blinking lights too your shoes might be a good idea, so long as they are not too bright or distracting. A cheap yet effective idea is to add reflective tape to your clothing and shoes.

Golf has been around for generations. But recently this game has been modernized and moved from its normal play on a sunlit course to night time. Knowing how to play night golf, will ensure that the game is both safe and fun.